A: It really depends on the brand, the type of material as well as the size that is custom fit to your windows, the bigger it is the more expensive it would be, but here at Fabrik Etc, we give you the best prices we have to offer for the quality of the product. You can use our calculator page here: to get a rough estimate, for a more precise calculation, make an appointment with us here:
A: This would depend on the type of curtains or blinds you purchased and also the scale of the project. Our seasoned and experience installers will give quality installation with the time spent, but typically it should not take more than 1 day for standard installation for 1 product. Also, don’t forget importing and making the materials takes time too!
A: There are some types and materials of curtains and blinds that are easier to maintain and cleaning the dust off them, you can come on down to our showroom at

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