Protect and Beautify Your Home with Outdoor Blinds

Who doesn’t like having tea in the outdoor area of their homes, on the balcony spending some time with family or just soaking up the sun? That’s the reason outdoor roller blinds and external venetian blinds were created and are now used outside the home.

These blinds play a primary role in beautify the windows and protecting the living spaces from sunlight.

Earlier only shops and restaurant owners used these outdoor blinds to cover their properties from rain and direct sunlight. These blinds are used on the exterior of the house to accessorise the exterior space while also covering up the desired area.

Outdoor roller screens create a private space to indulge in outdoor activities.

Outdoor rollers screen are made up of a variety of material ranging from a mixture of polyester to PVC materials. The semi transparency of these outdoor roller screens is also to cushion off very strong winds, which may wear off the rollers parts quickly. Outdoor blinds Singapore can be used to cover the exterior sides of your houses in a fun manner with so many colours available. These will make your home stand out and also protect it from dust and pollution.

Why choose our Outdoor Roller System?

Fabrik Etc recommends J55 Heavy Duty Chain System
• diameter 55mm bigger tube size
• Multi gear pulley control
• Stainless Steel Cable Guide ø3mm
• Fabric Double-Stitching Finishing
All these are ideal for outdoor application

Alternatively, outdoor venetian blinds can be used for the benefit of your children too as they can play outside in hot and heated daylight area but be in the shade created by these blinds. If you are someone that is always using tanning beds, why not ditch that unhealthy alternative and use these external venetian blinds to soak up some real sun in a healthy controlled manner? These outdoor venetian blinds are multi-functional and can be creatively used for many purposes by customers.

You can call and tell us about your requirements. We are most happy to assist you.